Motion Graphic Videos

As the name suggests, this video style is all about bringing graphic elements (such as shapes, colours, patterns, texts and icons) to life by means of creative, flowing movements with matching sound effects.
In this way, abstract and complex material is mapped out in a comprehensible and tangible way. This style is often combined with other styles such as “cartoon” and “user interface animation” to give more dynamism to the production.
Motion Graphics are ideal for (internal) training videos, or for explaining software products and services.

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Animation Studio View Glue

You are looking for an effective animation video.

You’ve already done some research and the prices of the compared different suppliers.

Or maybe you’re still orientating and just want to map out the options and possibilities?

In either case, our brochure will help you on your way and provide you with the information you need to choose the right animation video and producer.

You can already come to us for an effective

animation video from €1.299,-

View Glue Vogel

The Power Of A View Glue Video

When we make an animation video, we believe in efficiency. For this reason we like to kill a swarm of flies with one stone! Not literally, of course; we love animals.

The machine we create (the animation film) is made to measure and designed according to the needs of the client. The video can be used as; Brand Manager, Personnel Trainer, Salesman, Spokesperson and even as a fully functioning Back-Office.

Because the animation video is a digital tool, you never have to deal with human errors and it is like an employee of your organization who is active 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without errors!

The creative team of our animation studio is specialized in making animation videos that meet your specific needs and always has an efficient solution for your challenges.

These “marketing videos”, (the collective name for all forms of company animated films), always actively contribute to the turnover and time management of your company, among other things.

If you are thinking of having such a video made at our animation studio, we can help you to create every conceivable form of video. Including; Explanations, Sales Videos, Training Videos, Corporate Movies, Whiteboard Animation, Infographics, Motion Graphics, 3D Animations, Live Productions and Demo Videos, which can be used both online and offline.

All these videos are made according to the vision of your company and initiative and work like invisible glue that keeps the viewer glued to the screen. In this way, we guarantee that your message will always be conveyed in the most efficient and convincing way.

Why Choose Animation Studio View Glue?

Through the experience we have gained in recent years, we have learned what our clients really value and what has prompted them to make the choice fall on us.

So when you think, “Why would I make an animation with View Glue?” Shall we answer the question with…

  • check Because we make an animation with the best price/quality ratio
  • check Always deliver custom-made work from our own animation studio
  • check We always offer transparent All-in packages for each animated film
  • check You never have to deal with hidden costs afterwards
  • check We would like to offer personal guidance in the deployment of your animation film
  • check All animation videos are produced using proven marketing techniques
  • check We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Yes, I would like to receive the brochure with prices and possibilities!

View Our Work

All the explanations animation videos we produce are completely hand drawn and uniquely produced according to the specific wishes of our clients. That is why we are proud of our versatile portfolio. Take a look and get inspired.

What Our Videos
Can Mean For You

The most important purpose, that all our videos have in common, is sending out your message. We will help you as you determine what that message is, which audience you wish to reach and, of course, what you want the viewer to do after they see your video. Thanks to our simple procedure, you can start the production of your video today!

Step-by-step plan


Step #1

Strategic Consultation Animation Studio

During this conversation we want to know everything about the goals, wishes, guidelines and the core of your message. We will then send you a proposal without any obligation. This is a clear overview that visually maps out the details of your project and its application possibilities. So you know exactly what to expect when we make the animation.

Step #2

Script & Voice-Overr

Based on the information from the strategic consultation, we will work with you or your designated contact person to create a super effective script and storyline for the animation video. When you are completely satisfied with this, the chosen voice actor will speak this script with your desired emotion. This ensures that you have a message that matches your initiative and corporate identity.

Step #3

Creating an animation

Now that the foundations have been laid, our art directors and animators come into action to create a scenario sketch for making the animated film. These will then be presented by means of a storyboard. The storyboard is a comic strip sketch that gives a visual overview of the storyline, animation video style and the different scenes. This gives you a clear idea of what the final animated film will look like. Of course there is plenty of room for adjustments during this phase. Only when you are completely satisfied will we move on to the production phase of the video. In this phase, image and sound come together and your own animation video is delivered in HD quality, ready for use immediately.

Yes, I would like to receive the brochure with prices and possibilities!

Choose Your Own Animation Style

Over the years, many animation styles have been developed that have become a household name in the world of animation videos, and many new ones are added every year. So how do you know which style suits your project best? In order to answer this question, we have made a detailed description of the most common variants for you below.

Is this not your preference, or do you have something else in mind? Don’t worry, because all

our videos are custom made we can always deal with your unique wishes. If you can think of it, we can make it!

Wist je dat?

Did you know that...

  • checkmarketing videos increase buying behaviour by 97% and brand recognition by 139% (Unruly)
  • checkA marketing video attracts 2 to 3 times more monthly visitors to your website (MarketingSherpa)
  • checkA video is one of the content media that delivers the highest return on investment (eMarketer)
  • check64% to 85% of all websites Visitors are more likely to buy something online when using video (Invodo)
  • checkLanding pages with a video have 80% more conversion than the same pages without video (Orion21)


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